Our Team

Mark Hopper

Mark grew up around liquor and beer. Not because he was an alcoholic at a young age, but because his family owns several bars and clubs. So, when it was his time to run his own business, he did not go far and ventured into the brewery business. He shares useful insights regarding the industry, including what he learned from their family business.


Bill Ong

Before meeting Mark and venturing out into the brewery business, Bill worked as a corporate manager for a group of companies that specialize in brewery and farming. He would attend seminars and conferences to enhance his skills with a plan of getting into a business of his own. He never expected that his plans would come to life sooner with the help of Mark. When he was offered by Mark for a partnership, he did not think twice and took the opportunity.



Norma Ferrer
Gretchen Budzyn
Faye Astorga


Susan Tom
Social Media Manager