Princess Plugs: Your Sexiest Fashion Statement

What are sex toys for? Of course, there are the obvious answers: stimulation, pleasure, and masturbatory aid. However, they have another use that is equally as important — accessorizing! Your orgasmic little helper can take you to cloud nine, and it can make you look like an angel.

Enter scene princess plugs!

These are more than anal toys. Calling them toys won’t do them justice. To be more precise, they are anal accessories and jewelry — stylish and stimulating.

Why Wear Her Highness?

What’s the point of makeup, jewelry, and fashion in general? This age-old question has many answers. Some men will gladly explain that you balance your ten-inch stilettos and three-pound earrings to attract other men. On the other hand, second-wave feminists will rebel against these male oppressions fed to you by the patriarchy.

As inspiring as these ideas may be, there’s a more important thing to consider while choosing jewelry, and that is you. Your ring is the expression of your unique taste and your individuality. If that prized necklace makes you feel sexy and gorgeous, then you’re wearing it for yourself. All other comments and opinions are irrelevant.

The bottom line is: You do you. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a minimalistic silver ring or a bedazzled, glitzy clit piercing, the point is that they feel right for you. The jewelry you wear makes a statement about who you are and how you feel. It can boost your confidence in stressful situations or elevate your spirit when you’re down. There’s a kind of magic about how accessories make us feel better.

Discrete Power of Your Princess

For some time, there has been a growing trend of making sex toys stylish and fashionable. And it was damn time! Your dildo shouldn’t scare you — it should please you and thus be pleasing to the eye. Well-designed sex toys can act like jewelry. That it is to say, they can make you feel attractive, empowered, elegant, and royal.

You wear your elegant piece for work to look professional, a bold necklace for the crazy party to be adventurous. So why not have something for raising your libido for the best occasion of all — intercourse. Jewelry and beautifully designed sex toy accessories hold power to wake up your inner goddess, and there’s no better time for that than during sex.

Toy or Accessory?

There are a delightful plethora of anal plugs on the market, but the princess plug model stands out. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, but their defining characteristic is that they are jeweled butt plugs.

Their base always has a glittering element. It can be a single large rhinestone or several smaller ones, but the visual effect is always the same. This toy looks like it fell off a princess tiara, and hence the name.

The primary function of the majority of sex gadgets is stimulation. You play with your erogenous zone, and it feels amazing. Although you can practice anal play with the princess plug, it’s concept works differently. You insert your plug into your butt, and you leave it there. No further work is necessary, and behold! Your buttocks have a dazzling ornament.

Princess plugs are personal and fashion statements. You can wear it for yourself, and become a keeper of your spicy little secret. And of course, you could be wearing it for that special someone. Your partner could be taking off your panties to discover a sparkling surprise saying: “Yes, I am feeling adventurous tonight!’’

Last but not least, this accessory can have a direct message. When wearing a butt plug, anal sex might be on the menu for that night.

The Design of Her Majesty

There are several things to consider when looking for your perfect princess plug. For all anal toys, the slogan is “safety first,” and it applies here as well. You can’t go willy-nilly, shoving up your butt whatever tickles your fancy. Your sphincter has an involuntary reflex, and it may suck in the object you inserted.

By their design, buttplugs are safe to use due to their base. In case of a reflex suction, the bottom part would prevent the plug from getting lost in your ass, making sure you can easily pull it out.

So you would be on the safest side, try to find the princess plug whose bejeweled base is wider than the broadest part of the conical segment. The fact that the insertable part has a tear-drop shape is a great advantage since it allows for smooth insertion and extraction.

Newcomers to the princess plug club should look for plugs that are smaller in girth. Your sphincter is a muscle, so overstretching it might be painful. Once you’ve got accustomed to your first one, you can try bigger models.

Try to avoid cheap plastic, and stick to stainless steel, glass, or silicone plugs. High quality costs more, but your butt deserves it.

When you’ve checked these boxes, it’s time to get to the fun part — the aesthetics of princess plugs. There are three criteria: Do you like it? Does it make you feel sexy? Does it inspire you to try anal play? If the answer to these questions is yes, you’ve found your plug.

Memorable Jewelry for Memorable Nights

When you finally obtain your regal little anal toy, there’s a question of when you should indulge yourself and try it. Your bum is a delicate area and a powerful erogenous zone, and so at first, your princess butt plug should venture there on special occasions.

Save it for a special date when you can savor your erotic surprise. Imagine ending up in bed, with your partner undressing you only to discover you’ve been wearing your anal accessory all along.

Also, your princess plug is a glamorous toy, so pair it accordingly. Wear your favorite dress that makes you feel smoking hot. Put on your sexiest shoes and then as the sweetest cherry on top, insert her highness — the plug. When the right time comes, all other clothing items will fall, and it will be your backside’s time to shine.

When you’ve gained more experience and tried several butt plugs, feel free to pamper yourself and accessorize meticulously. Will you be wearing red stilettos? Why not go with a plug with a red jewel from Will you put on a stylish black dress and your gorgeous necklace? Then pair it with the right color of your toy. Be attentive to every detail that makes you sexy.

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