Why should you drink beer if anxiety and stress attack?

Let’s make things clear from the start, shall we? There’s some truth that drinking can help with stress, panic, and anxiety episodes. After all, alcohol is a sedative, and as such, it can help one settle their nerves. Scientifically, drinks are depressants as they affect the central nervous system. The same goes for beer, even if it’s much weaker.


So, should you hammer yourself with a six-pack or two when you feel like things are spiraling out of control? Or should you hit a beer bong when things at home and work aren’t going the way you planned? Nope! Neither of those. Allow us to explain why drinking beer for a mental boost is a good idea — not alcohol abuse.

Beers and Their Common Purpose

Whether you’re a hipster and exclusively drink crafts, or you’re just a regular Joe who likes his Super Sunday with a six-pack, beer is the first choice for nine out of ten drinkers. It’s almost as if it’s not even an alcoholic beverage. And in all seriousness, some don’t consider it such, to be frank here. But still, it’s the most common drink at social events, celebrations, sports, or pub quizzes.


But why is it so popular, you might ask? Well, firstly, it’s a light drink. It takes more than a few to get drunk and act all stupid. Furthermore, when you take a sip of it, you don’t make that Charles Bronson face like you do when you drink whiskey or vodka. And lastly, there are many types for you to enjoy. From the previously mentioned craft beer and classic lagers like Miller or Bud to IPAs and gingers — it’s up to you.

General Health Benefits of Beer

Before we discuss how beer reduces anxiety disorders, let’s explore some other benefits to your health condition. In essence, a bottle of beer has more nutrients than most other drinks you can come up with. It has an abundance of proteins and vitamin B.


On the other hand, drinking a pint or two is good for your heart. Some studies suggest that people who enjoy it are less likely to suffer from cardiac diseases. Of course, if they do it moderately. There’s no reason to assume otherwise, is there?


Some other health benefits include:


  • Lowers the chance of developing kidney stones;
  • Moderate drinking lowers bad cholesterol;
  • Ale makes the human skeleton stronger;
  • It’s good for your memory and cognitive functions.

What Beers Can Do to Stress and Anxiety

Now that we’ve made things clear about the general health benefits of moderate beer consumption, let’s delve into the main topic of this article. Namely, can beer reduce stress, depression, and anxiety? For average males and females, two beers a day can be more than helpful with these three issues. 


Yet, things aren’t so simple. We don’t suggest that turning to alcohol as a way out is a solution by any means. The positive effects of alcohol (beer in this case) are only temporary, and you should view them as such. If you mistake drinking alcohol as a remedy for your mental health issues, such as feelings of anxiety after stressful days, it can backfire quickly. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Right? Well, the same goes for long-run drinking to keep up with social pressures, stress, and depression.

What Should Be the Proper Amount to Intake?

To enjoy the benefits that we’ve listed above, it’s key to drink beer moderately. But what’s the right amount? Well, one unit of booze comes with 14 g of alcohol, and that’s somewhere around 12 ounces (0.45 kg) of beer. Unfortunately, you might be shocked what a standard drink size is in reality. Most bars and pubs serve them above the norm, making us believe it’s okay to drink so much. But the good news is that beer comes in set sizes, and you can’t go wrong with it.


Those 12 ounces (0.45 kg) are around two cans of most beers in the United States. So, if you enjoy this beverage and want to take full advantage of drinking it, we suggest that you sip on two of them every other day. After work, lunch, while watching TV, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you stop there. We know how great beer is, but it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you should get one more.

Are There Beers Specified for Stress and Anxiety?

Since beer has so many positive side effects on our body and overall health, why don’t we talk about it more often? Well, there’s one big problem here. Encouraging people to drink is a pretty slippery slope. Most will overlook the moderate part and will look for validation of their alcohol abuse. Therefore, medical professionals are hesitant to share beer’s pros with everyone and anyone. You need to look it up at places like these.


Nevertheless, are there any beers that are specifically meant for stress reduction? Does any brand market itself like that? Nope! At least, not that we know of. Any beer that passes regulations and is on the market can help you with stress and anxiety if you drink it moderately. So, let’s check some beer recommendations out, shall we?


  • If you’re into crafts, we wholly recommend the Peace Tree Blonde Fatale Belgian-Style Blonde Ale. Its fruity and citrus notes will win you over in no time. This blonde ale is from Iowa, but you can order it online from anywhere in the States.


  • For classic lagers, well, we’d have to go with Estrella. Although Spain isn’t necessarily the place we think about when someone mentions beer, there’s a reason half of Europe is crazy for this brand.


  • For those who love U.S.-made, well, you can’t go wrong with Miller. However, their High Life series is where the party is at when it comes to great beer. It has a sweet malt, lemonish taste that will blow your mind in no time.

Friendly Warning

Before we conclude this beer-loving story, it’s only fair that we warn you once again that alcohol is a dangerous drug. It can mess one up in so many ways that it’s as bad as all other addictions. And this is no secret. We all know at least one person that has fallen victim to beer and its stronger, more potent alcohol cousins.


It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that you’re drinking just to treat anxiety symptoms or because you’re in social situations that require booze. In reality, alcohol abuse is just around the corner if you’re not careful. So, in case you or someone you care for have any issues with drinking, be smart and contact your local addiction center.

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